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Attention to detail, especially in setting seals is essential for optimum efficiency and correct seal maintenance is of paramount importance. We place considerable emphasis on the recording of all 'As found" and "As corrected" measurements, clearances and settings on specially prepared quality control check sheets. Condition reports are produced for all heaters for record purposes, and all documents are submitted for certification by the site engineer followed by our own assessment and monitoring of the work in progress.

Overhaul and Maintenance - Airheaters, Gas-Gas Heaters, Dampers and Ducting

Power System Services will be pleased to quote for the repair, replacement or adjustment of the complete range or air heater or gas-gas heater components as required including

We can undertake the correction of any corrosion, distortion or cracking of the rotor or structural steelwork, give you condition reports on the corrosion/blockage/cleanliness of the installed elements and implement plant modifications.

Checks can be made on seal condition during any short outages occurring between major overhauls as part of the total package we offer our customers.

We can provide services either as part of a maintenance contract or seasonal outages.


Power System Services offer a package overhaul measures for PA, ID and FD fans. Our services include: